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Security Systems for Businesses

Whether you have budget restrictions or need to follow regulations, we know that every security system is unique, and we work closely with you from start to finish to find the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements.

We specialise in the supply and installation of analogue and wireless security system cameras for:

- Pubs & Restaurants
- Nurseries, Schools & Universities
- Commercial Offices Warehouses & Distribution Centre
- Factories & Plants
- Sporting Venues & Stadiums
- Shopping Centre & Shops

We Offer FREE QUOTES & SITE VISITS: We offer free quotes on all analogue and wireless security system installations and are happy to visit your premises at your convenience and design a security system to fit your needs.

SECURITY TRAINING: Once your CCTV security system installation is complete, we’ll provide training to show you how to use the system and make the most of the technology.

ON-GOING SUPPORT: We have a 24/7 support team who are on-hand to help with any issues that arise once your new security solution has been installed. Emergency contact number is provided on installation.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: We offer that latest state-of-the-art analogue and wireless CCTV camera system technology from some of the most respected brands in the industry. Our HD cctv cameras are available up-to 4K resolution.

FULLY GUARANTEED: All our installs and equipment are fully guaranteed with our support and manufacturer warranty.

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security notifications

Do you want to be notified when someone enters a certain area on your premises?

We can offer intrusion motion detection as part of our HD camera systems. If a person enters and loiters in a pre-defined area, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording.

By applying the latest algorithm, it automatically analyses the intruder’s dimension ratio to reduce false alarms. Intrusion detection is extremely beneficial for defined area protection.

HD cctv wireless cameras

Day/Night HD Wireless CCTV Cameras

With security awareness spreading across the globe and particularly in the world’s major cities, high-quality, 24/7 video surveillance has become a basic requirement. Since most crime happens at night, improving video quality during night-time hours is one of the most important concerns of the video surveillance industry.

Our HD wireless security cameras have a single pixel area which is almost twice as large as that of a normal sensor. This greatly improves the light passing quantity, which is an essential component in better low light performance.

So, you will get the best pictures at night to catch an intruder!

london face detection

Face detection – Restrict access for banned people (AI Technology)

We can design wireless CCTV security cameras in such a way. Businesses have the power to control access to entry points with an identity library based on face recognition. Once a person’s face is saved to your ‘blacklist’ or VIP ‘whitelist’ library, entry gates can be triggered to allow or deny access. The system can also be set to trigger an alarm for faces not recorded in the library, in order to prevent security breaches.

hikvision london

Hikvision Mobile App– Intruder Alarm – No Monthly Fees

The Hikvision app is designed to work with Hikvision series DVRs, NVRs, Cameras´╝î Video intercom devices and Security control panels. With the Hikvsion app you can watch real-time security surveillance or play it back from your home, office, workshop or elsewhere at any time. With the intruder alarm, your device would be triggered and you get instant notification from Hikvision

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Large range or Wireless HD CCTV cameras.

We’ll help you select the right network security cameras and correct number of security CCTV cameras for your needs and make it work with you budget. These can be from 2MP (HD) up to 8MP (4K). We will use our 22 years of expertise to make sure you are protected correctly.

A smart digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR)

This is the brain of your home CCTV system which takes care of recording, storage, video streaming and smart features. This can be disguised as the ‘satellite box’ or even hidden away in a server room for added safety.

Full Security System Installation

All cabling and professional fitting by experienced security vetted engineers is included in the price.
  • We’ll fit your cameras where you need them
  • We’ll setup your CCTV with your router wi-fi
  • We’ll connect your phone and devices to your CCTV via the free app
  • We’ll demo the CCTV app and recorder,so you know the essentials

NSI Gold Approved systems

When you are choosing a Security System to protect your family, home or business – ensure you choose the best. We are a NSI Gold registered company ensuring the highest standards. This level holds the greatest perceived value in the security industry by the police, fire and rescue services and insurance companies. NSI approval is only given to those companies that are able to consistently meet NSI’s exact standards.

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