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SMART Business Security System

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Protect your business with our SMART Alarm Technology

Tel Cam SMART Business Alarm System gives you maximum protection and control
over your security from wherever you are in the world.

insurance approved business alarm system

starting at £199* fully fitted.

Grade 2 Control: Your Business,
Stay connected

Our SMART wireless control panel include safety and security automation. Our best security system provides outstanding wireless connectivity using Z-wave technology, this will ensure you are always protected. It also comes with a free hikvision mobile app that has no monthly charges. For added safety, you can link the control panel with police response. The control panel also features an in-built security alarm and can support up to 64 zones

PIR Camera Detector:
Get images of the
incident live

The Photo Detector has an integrated mini camera that enables the alarm to capture colour images, even at night. When the alarm is activated, any movement will be recorded as an image sequence. You can also take images of your home whenever you like by simply using an App on your mobile. So now you can confirm an alarm within seconds.

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Two-way touchscreen wireless
keypad: Intelligent control

Our wireless keypad has been specially designed so that children and the elderly find it easy to use. Using the decorative proximity tags, which easily fit on a keychain, any user – young or old – can easily arm/disarm the security system, initiate fire alarm or panic alarm and also review the system status. The large, icon-based display is clear and appealing, and the keypad replaces the need for costly keyfobs.

Wireless Digital PIR:
PET immune motions sensor

SMART dual-function indoor PIR motion detector that offers reliable motion detection and temperature monitoring performance. The digital PIR has a sleek, modern look that blends in with any décor. It is perfectly shaped for unobtrusive corner placement.

Pet-immune – Target Specific Imaging distinguishes between humans and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85 lb)

Insurance Approved business alarm system

starting at £199* fully fitted.

Wireless Magnetic Contact: Designed for windows and doors

Fully supervised two-way magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows. This highly reliable top-performance wireless device has a transmission range far greater than the industry standard. mploys the proven AES-128 (128 bit key) advanced encryption algorithm for correct message identification and protects the alarm system from code grabbing and other attacks

4 Button Key-fobs / Easy arming tags

Slim 4-button key-fob that is used to perform most of the common alarm commands: arming and disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and viewing the system status.

Proximity tags – Small and easy to use, these proximity tags can be placed on a keychain for easy access to the premises. The user simply places the tag next to the reader to arm or disarm the system. These are great for users who have trouble remembering codes or for those that do not interact with the system regularly. Available in eight different colours, they are suitable for premises with multiple users.

Two-way wireless external bell – with an advanced piezo.

With its sleek design hexagonal and robust weatherproof housing it goes with nearly every house exterior. It has a high power strobe light integrated with a loud 110dB Piezo siren.

Also, our wireless bell has a transmission range is far greater than the industry standard – enabling repeater free installations even in large premises.

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Wireless Smoke & Heat detector – with mobile app notifications

Our smoke & heat detector is fully supervised. It features a tamper proof and compact design. It can fit any residential or commercial application.

Activates an alarm when the temperature reaches 60°C (140°F) and starts increasing rapidly

Loud (85db) alarm sound at 3m (10ft)


Additional keypads and sensors available:

Outdoor PIR

PIR detector

Glass Break

Portable wireless


Secure your Business

We combine the latest security and home automation technology, so you can remotely connect with your home and loved ones, and stay in control of your world on the go.

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